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Still Here but RL is Very Busy

The university closed down for a snow day, today. It's a mixed blessing... fun to get an unexpected day off, but I'll pay for it later trying to catch up at work.

I've really been enjoying writing the monthly column for the Payne County Audubon newsletter. The latest issue is here. My column is called, At SunDog House, which appears on page 7. I don't care much for the logo, and eventually I'll get around to doing something better, but the short, 400-600 word format suits me well, and I look forward to writing new ones. It has rejuvenated my passion for bird watching.

I was asked to be the royal scribe for Jean Paul and Gilyan again, and I've found that to be very relaxing and fun (up until I got hammered at work... and more on that in a bit). It has taken time away from playing at other things (like updating LJ), but I enjoy the calligraphy a great deal. I also did the calligraphy for two new kingdom award charters. I finished Emma's Pelican scroll over Christmas:

I haven't been doing much with the Master Gardeners. Efforts to do things like start a Facebook page for the group fell flat. My last activity with them was to serve on a subcommittee trying to figure out why recruitment efforts were failing. I had a lot to say about that... including making suggestions like, "Maybe you should occasionally talk to the new people who come to meetings." It's a very dysfunctional group when it comes to new people, and I stuck with them for over a year (the only new person to stick with them from my class or the class previously), but it was painful going at times. Introverts don't make the best recruiters, and most of them are introverts. I hope I gave them some good suggestions for doing better in the future.

Sara, our dog with cancer, has been undergoing chemo, and she is doing well. We are hopeful she'll come out of it cancer-free, and stick around for a couple more years. She's 14, but in otherwise good health. She had half of her nose removed during the initial surgery, but we tell her she's beautiful every day, and she seems to have adjusted to it.

Dad is starting to lose his long-term memory, and his short-term memory is even worse. He can't figure out how to work the TV remote some days, so Mom has to change channels for him and turn it on and off. So far, he still recognizes people, but he's been having trouble remembering his dogs' names, past and present. It's just awful watching them both go downhill.

I got hammered at work. The deadline on the project I took over from someone else was moved up by several months (from a November release to August). Everyone in the editorial department has been assigned to the project now, and things are rolling, but I spent some sleepless nights wondering how the heck I was going to get it finished. Long stressful days. The silver lining is that I'll have it out of my hair very quickly. So, it'll be a few months of hell followed by a long stretch of a light workload until my next project starts up next year.


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Feb. 27th, 2013 11:20 am (UTC)
I saw a few days ago you got brushed by a storm, but when I checked NWS for yesterday's storm I saw you were in a 3-6" range. (It's moisture, right?!) ;)

Too bad about the master gardeners. Especially since they are *Master Gardeners,* denoting a responsibility to share, inspire, and get others involved...even if it means change and personal growth for them re: learning how to not to be an introvert. (Believe me...introverts can be outgoing when needed.)

Yay for Sara! Give her a good chin and backbone scratch for me. Mom was sorry to hear about her nose too.

Sorry for Dad. (I sooooo understand with Mom. Her LT memory is still good, but OMG, the short term comes and goes and then she gets combative that she didn't say she was going to do/had done/planned to do something.) (((((((((((Guni)))))))))))) (((((((((Kate)))))))))))))

Quiet as you'd been figured they'd slammed you. Which book did the change the deadline on? Still plan to travel in June?

Busy here too. (That's why I'm doing a hit and run comment when I should be in the kitchen eating breakfast!) Only made one post (nay, two last week) in over a month.... (AT going to be at SL in Hunt Valley in August...no temptation?) ;)

((((((((((L.)))))))))))))) (Maybe we can catch up soon?)
Feb. 27th, 2013 08:15 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you've been busy.

It's so hard watching your parents decline. Mum, who's 92, is getting rather crotchety. She's a little deaf and mishears things, and of course, I get told the same stories over and over. </p>

I hope your health is okay, How's the hip doing?

Feb. 27th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
What a beautiful scroll. I'm sure it pleased her mightily.
So glad you are enjoying the calligraphy!

Much, much sympathy about your Dad.

The work thing certainly explains the blood pressure!

So glad that Sara's health is good. That's a tough decision, so how good that you've got positive affirmation about it.

Hugs about it all.

Edited at 2013-02-27 09:38 pm (UTC)
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